Liturgy comes from the Greek word for the work of the people. Worship is, in short, the work of the people. It takes many hands to make worship services that are beautiful, grace-filled, and welcoming.

We have several active Worship Ministries at Christ Church. This is a great way to become involved in the life of the church. We have people from all generations represented in these ministries, and children as young as 4th Grade are welcome to serve as Acolytes.

If you’d like more information about how to get involved, please contact the church office or simply click on the names listed below to e-mail the lay leader of a Worship Ministry.


The Verger serves as master of ceremonies on Sunday morning, providing support that allows the clergy more time to focus on pastoral and sacramental responsibilities. The Verger oversees the Acolytes, Lectors, Intercessors and Chalice Bearers before the service begins, and coordinates with the clergy, Altar Guild and Ushers to ensure that the service flow is seamless, grace-filled and welcoming. We currently have 18 Vergers, who serve in a weekly rotation.

For more information, contact Jim McGee.

Verger Sign-Up Link


Acolytes serve at the altar in various roles during the service. They range in age from 5th Grade to 12th Grade.  Their responsibilities include carrying the cross, torches, and gospel book as well as facilitating the offering and helping to set our Lord’s Table for the Eucharist. Acolytes serve at all regular Sunday services, festival celebrations,and often at weddings and funerals. Training is offered several times during the year. 

In the fall of 2014 we launched a new facet of this program in which students may earn more responsibilities through increased training and service.  Please see the list below for more information, contact Jim McGee.

Acolyte Words to Know/CCW A Customary for Acolytes

Acolyte Sign-Up

Lay Lector, Intercessor

Lectors and Intercessors read the Lessons from Scripture and lead the congregation in the Prayers of the People. Everyone age 12 and older is invited to participate in this ministry.  For more information, contact Susie Sprowl.

Chalice Bearer

Chalice Bearers are adults who assist the priest in the celebration of the Holy Eucharist by serving the consecrated wine.  For more information, contact Lawson Whitesides.


Ushers play a vital role in making people feel welcome at Christ Church. Whether long-time members or first-time visitors, we want people to know we’re happy they’re here. Ushers hand out service bulletins, answer questions, and help people find seats. They also play a role in the service during the Offertory and Communion. Families are invited to serve as ushers together. Children are most welcome. Training is offered periodically for newcomers to the ministry and those who would like a refresher course. For more information, contact Michael Peregrine.

Vestry Usher Sign-Up Link

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild prepares all things necessary for celebration of the Eucharist or any other sacrament or office of the Church. Working in teams of 5 or 6, Guild members prepare and care for the sacred spaces and the physical aspects of our worship, including the Eucharistic vessels, altar linens, candles, and bread and wine. There is always at least one member of the Altar Guild present for all regular worship services, and special celebrations such as weddings, funerals, baptisms, Evensong and Compline services, and festival celebrations.

For more information, contact Betsy Balyeat.

Flower Guild

Members of the Flower Guild work in a rotating schedule, providing flowers for all Sunday worship services, festival celebrations, and other special church occasions. Members purchase and condition the flowers to be arranged on their assigned days, and arrange them according to what is suitable for each particular service. Gifts of Flowers may be made in Thanksgiving or Remembrance.

To learn more or to join this ministry, contact Kristin Koepfgen or Sarah McCool.


We have several Choirs that together have 150 members and make beautiful music on Sunday mornings and at special services. Learn more about Music at Christ Church.