Spring 2019 – Churchyard Guidelines

The Christ Church Churchyard for the internment of ashes is one of our parish’s true treasures. It is a beautiful place of serenity, peace and meditation that has been part of our parish life since 1939. It was created in the tradition of the hallowed churchyards of English country churches with the exception that ours is for the exclusive burial of ashes.

The Churchyard was originally conceived as a green garden. In more recent years, parishioners have adorned the spots where their loved ones are buried with small white flowering plants, both perennial and annual, as well as with flowers of other colors. We offer these guidelines to help you in the decision-making process:

  • Please use natural materials only. No decorative plastic wreaths, flowers or adornments.
  • Please be sensitive to adjoining plots and avoid plantings that spread and obscure plaques, yours as well as others. The Churchyard committee may prune any plantings that grow beyond an individual’s plot.
  • While the Churchyard committee is charged with maintaining the churchyard, family members are responsible for watering plants and flowers which they have added to their individual plot.
  • We ask that you leave the soak hoses in place. They are a watering system for the grass and euonymus vines only.
  • Wreaths and other seasonal adornments should not remain beyond their fresh and green appearance. The Churchyard committee will check the Churchyard monthly to remove and discard any wilted adornments and their containers.
  • Lit candles, with or without a glass hurricane lamp, are not permitted at any time. Flames of any type present a major fire hazard.
  • Please do not trim the euonymus vines surrounding your plot. This task will be taken care of by the Churchyard committee. If not trimmed properly, the entire vine will die.

Please direct any questions to Charlotte McGee, Parish Administrator, in the Parish Office at 847.446.2850 or charlotte@christchurchwinnetka.org.