“…put on the breastplate of faith and love….”



Confirmation is the process through which a person explores the unique way in which he or she will live into their baptismal promises, how he or she will, in St. Paul’s words, wear the breastplate of faith and love.  It is a mature, not final, public profession of faith to God and the community.

Confirmation requires education about the Christian faith.  It also requires personal reflection:  Who are we as Christians and how can we commit ourselves to living a faithful life?

The Rite of Confirmation, Reception and Reaffirmation of Baptismal Vows takes place with the Laying on of Hands by the Bishop.

At Christ Church, we confirm our youth in their 8th grade year.  As these members of our community become young adults, Confirmation helps them to discern how their faith informs their identity.

Adults who wish to be Received into the church, or formally reaffirm their Baptismal vows, attend Inquirers’ classes and participate in the Confirmation ceremony in the spring.

Anyone who has been baptized into any Christian faith may be Received into the Episcopal Church and Christ Church community.

Following the Confirmation service, we hold a lovely reception to honor and congratulate our young people and adults who have been Confirmed and Received.

Find more information about Youth Confirmation here.

For more information about being Confirmed or Received as an adult, please contact a member of the clergy.