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rnng (Sunday) we attended church service at the cathedral in Chester. It was originally an abbey founded in 1052 AD and later became a cathedral when Henry VIII established the Church of England. The service and music were beautiful and we got to learn two new hymns. The town of Chester was a Roman fortress and later an Anglo-Saxon one, so you can still walk the Roman city wall and the Anglo city wall a bit further out. There was a very neat bicycle race running throughout town. Michael Cavendish was in it! Lots of shopping, great food, and an excellent walking tour of the city. Most of the buildings at 700 years old–some of them got facades during the Victorian era, but are still the original buildings underneath. We got to see an old amphitheater (kids playing there in the photos), bath house, and strong room as well as walk the walls and learn a lot about the history of the city. Tons of fun and beautiful weather! – Leah

Thank you Julie Flood for the above pictures!

image1_Fotor_Collage Leah 2

We landed in Manchester on Friday the 7th at 6:30 AM after a seven hour flight. We pushed through our first day sight seeing in Blackpool–wading in the Irish Sea, riding the Ferris wheel, eating English breakfasts and fish & chips. There is a punk rock festival in town, so we also made lots of new and different friends! That afternoon we travelled to Preston, where we’re staying at a Marriott that was once a manor house. There’s lots of room to run around and burn off excess energy and the grounds are beautiful! Today (Saturday), we toured the Lake District. The mountains here are absolutely beautiful–a bit like the Adirondacks. We drove around Lake Ullswater and got to take a boat ride from Bowness on Windermere across Lake Windermere. We saw more sheep today than we have in our collective lives. England is a great place to be a sheep–they get the best views! We’ve had great food and even better company. Tomorrow (Sunday) we attend church in Chester and tour the town. Monday morning we head to Durham!            Day one Blackpool – Leah