Christ Church Choir at Lincoln Cathedral, UK, August 2019 (recorded informally with cathedral permission during services):

Barnard – The Preces

Barnard – The Responses

Brewer – Magnificat in D

Brewer – Nunc Dimittis in D

Byrd – Laetentur coeli

Clausen – Set Me as a Seal

Clemmitt – Leave Me Alone With God

Dyson – Magnificat in D

Dyson – Nunc Dimittis in D

Gramann – Do Not Fear

Gramann – The Lord is My Light

Ireland – Magnificat in F

Ireland – Nunc Dimittis in F

Kelway – Magnificat in b minor

Kelway – Nunc Dimittis in b minor

Phillips – Transfiguration

Sumsion – Magnificat in A

Sumsion – Nunc Dimittis in A

Wesley – Thou Wilt Keep Him

Williams – Magnificat (with antiphon for The Transfiguration)

Williams – Nunc Dimittis



Christ Church Choir singing Evensong at The Cathedral of Saint Philip in Atlanta, February 2018 (Full Service)

Hide Not Thou Thy Face by Richard Farrant
sung as an introit from the rear of the nave

The Preces by John Barnard
Luis Galvez, cantor

Hymn 149 (Old 124th)

Psalm 25:1-9 (chant: William Crotch)

Magnificat in B minor by Thomas Kelway
Small ensemble: Madison Fisher, Morgan Fisher, Molly George, Kirsten Krieman, Grace Rempel, Tina Pappademos, Max Hosmer, Kevin Krasinski

Nunc Dimittis in B minor by Thomas Kelway

The Responses by John Barnard
Luis Galvez, cantor

Do Not Fear by Fred Gramann

Hymn 121 (Caithness)

The Lord is My Light by Fred Gramann

Hymn 449 (Deo gracias)


Choirs of Christ Church and St. Luke’s Evanston singing May the Living Christ Be With You by Richard Clemmitt


Te Deum by Malcolm Archer
composed for Christ Church in loving memory of Sam Farmer
and sung by the Christ Church Choir


Christ Church Choir trebles singing At the River, arranged Copland