A member of the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago, Christ Church is a vibrant, growing parish of over 1,000 members,  located just steps from Lake Michigan in Winnetka, Illinois. Services are conducted in our historic church on Sheridan Road, and at the adjacent Maple Street Park during summer months.

Together, we. . .



Surrounded by a beautiful and spiritual worship space, our services are rooted in the deep traditions of Episcopal liturgy, made relevant to our lives today.  Here you will find excellent preaching designed to apply the lessons of Scripture to our daily lives.  Our music, offered by a large Youth & Adult Choir, reflects the depth, beauty and complexity of our life lived with God in Christ.



We believe faith formation is a life-long process, beginning with our youngest children and continuing throughout adulthood.  We actively seek opportunities to deepen our faith.  We ask questions, and we welcome different points of view.  We gather together in community often, in small groups and large, to share our stories, to learn from each other, and to have fun.  We enjoy each other’s company and welcome all who find a path to our Episcopal community.



We are committed to serving others in Christ’s name.  Our Baptismal Covenant asks whether we will seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving our neighbors as ourselves.  The answer at Christ Church is a resounding, We will! With God’s help.  We offer ourselves in service to those in need both near and far, becoming ourselves, in Christ.



We give generously, in thanksgiving to God. We show up, participating in worship, formation, and fellowship. We pay it forward, offering our God-given gifts and skills. We respond by being generous, sharing all that we have gratefully, just as God has done with us.


Our signs say “The Episcopal Church Welcomes You.”  We mean it.  You.  Whoever you are.  Whatever your story.  Wherever you find yourself in your faith journey. 

There’s a place for you here.