Welcome to Christ Church

The Episcopal Church in Winnetka

Thank you for finding your way to us. Our prayer is that together, we will help each other find our way to God in Christ.



Welcome to Christ Church. Whether you’re an old friend or new, I’m so glad you’re here. Our lives together are rooted in Scripture and in sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ as we learn together what that means for each of us in our own lives. We gather together in worship, formation, fellowship, and service. We give generously in thanksgiving to God. We honor our rich Episcopal traditions, and we have fun. Lots of it.

I’m excited about what we are building at Christ Church. Our work is based on the four cornerstones of our faith:

WORSHIP more than you don’t.
SEEK a deeper understanding of your faith.
SERVE others in Christ’s name.
GIVE as generously as God gives to you.

Our web site will help you connect with others in the Christ Church community as we worship, seek, serve, and give, becoming ourselves, in Christ. I look forward to our future together.

Yours, in Christ,
+ Christopher