Lighting: position a lamp with at least 60w soft white bulb behind your device. Evenbetter is having one on either side, but the very least is one behind the camera. This will illuminate your face and eliminate dark shadows or a dark, murky profile.
Sound: if you have ear buds, use them. Otherwise, be close enough to your device so your full voice is captured. Avoid large or cavernous rooms that may cause an echo. Of course, if you have a professional microphone please feel free to use that!
Positioning: position yourself about 3 feet away from the device with the frame starting just below the shoulders. Too close and your head will fill the frame, and too far you’ll look, well, too far. Prop your device on something at eye level. If you’re sitting, an easy fix is to stack books or use a box. Be sure to use something heavier than your device as a back stop to lean against.
Sending video file: there are a number of options to send the file. You can upload it to Dropbox or Google Drive and send the link to You can also use a file transfer provider such as and send to the same email (it’s free to send files up to 2GB, but you will see ads).