Events for Youth and Families


Dive into Youth Ministry, usually in August at the Zobert’s House.

Celebrate the start of the program year with a swim party! 

Wrap N Roll Sunday, Dec 6, 2020 at 4:30pm in the Great Hall at 470 Maple St.

Wrapping gifts for outreach, dinner, carols, and a visit from St. Nick!

Pancake Supper Tuesday, Feb 16, 2020 at 5pm in the Great Hall at 470 Maple St.

Celebrate “Fat Tuesday” with sweets, treats, and games the last day before Lent!

Special Coffee Hours after 9:30am service


St Francis in October

All Saints Day in November

Christmas Cookies and Cocoa in December

Epiphany/Three Kings in January

Teddy Bear Sunday in February

St. Patrick’s Day in March

Palm Sunday in April

Easter Egg Hunt following 9am service in April

Confirmand Recognition in May 

Church School Leader Recognition in May

Acolyte and Graduate Recognition in May

Parish Picnic & Choir Recognition in June

Special Youth Worship Services


Backpack Blessing in September

Christmas Pageant in December

Epiphany/Three Kings in January

Children’s Ash Wednesday in February

Children & Youth Service in May


Other Events and Programs

Young Family Gatherings


Once a quarter on a weekend. For families with children age 0 – 8.