Summer Rummage Needs YOU!

We need lots and lots of help staffing our Summer Rummage Sale on June 7th from 8:00am to 12:00 noon. Please contact Charlotte McGee in the office to sign up. You will love the experience. Guaranteed.



Rummage is at the heart of Christ Church, and has been going strong since 1925.  This is a VERY large undertaking, and we have over 400 volunteers from Christ Church and surrounding communities to help make it happen.  Many have been working at our sales for over 40 years!  There’s something for everyone at Rummage.

Calling all men of the parish!  Join the Security Detail on October 2.  Three shifts are available:  early morning, mid-day and afternoon.  For further information, or to sign up, please contact Michael Peregrine, Chief of Security.

We invite you to find a way to serve.

In a BIG way…

Chair a Rummage Department!  This is great way to get involved with a friend and make new friends.

In a medium way…

Come help sort donations once a week, once every other week, or once a month
Join the Tent Party Committee
Join a Service Department on Sale Day
Free Bag Check
Child Care
Food Tent
Post-Sale Party
Workers’ Lunches
Help out with our Publicity Committee

In a small, let-me-dip-my-toe-in way…

Work a shift on Sale Day
Bring a plate of cookies or bowl of fruit to the Workers’ Haven during Sale set-up (9/21 thru 9/30)
Help with Flyover:  Saturday, Sept. 20, 8am-4pm and Sunday, Sept. 21, noon-3pm
Volunteer to help with Clean Up (quickest route to Heaven!)

But I work downtown during the week…

Take a day off on Sale Day to experience this incredible Mission
Go to work a little late and help us on Sale Day at the busiest time of day:  6:45 – 9am
Leave work early and come help with cleanup:  4 – 6:30pm
Donate a Grand Foods gift card to help defray the expenses of workers’ lunches
Help with Flyover:  Saturday, Sept. 20, 8am-4pm and Sunday, Sept. 21, noon-3pm

But I have little kids at home…

Child care is offered prior to the Fall Sale!  Come help in a department and will will take care of your child free of charge!


Join us!

We’d love to have you!  To sign up for any of these volunteer opportunities, contact Charlotte McGee, Rummage Coordinator.