Thank you for donating to Christ Church Rummage!  Our grass is greener thanks to your generosity. We believe that everyone benefits from a healthy, heavenly planet.  Together, we are keeping items in use and out of landfills. Every item donated helps ensure the outdoor spaces we enjoy stay beautiful.

But, your contribution goes above and beyond sustainability.  It helps us spread goodwill for all as 100% of net proceeds from sales featuring your donations are distributed annually to local organizations dedicated to helping people in need.

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As of September 12, 2020 we have discontinued donations until further notice and are no longer doing furniture pickups.  Thank you for your support as we all manage these challenging times.


Items We Do Not Take

Please note that while we sell ALMOST everything at our annual Rummage Sales, there are some items we can not accept including mattresses, office furniture, tube TVs, damaged, broken or stained items.  For a complete list of DO NOT ACCEPT items, please click here: RUMMAGE Items We Do Not Take.

Since we pay for removal of these items, please be mindful of our DO NOT ACCEPT LIST.  By doing so, you help us keep our expenses in check, which means more proceeds are passed on to those in need.  THANK YOU!