aka Not-Your-Grandmother’s-Sunday-School

Recognize begins September 14th at 10:45 in the McClain Room with a large group meeting for all students and teachers.  The first “class” will be September 21st with seventh-ninth graders in the mentoring room and tenth-twelfth graders in the Lea Room.

Come one, come all to the rebirth of Sunday morning seventh-twelfth formation.  Recognize is the process of learning to see the divine in the daily, the holy in ourselves and the world.  The format of Recognize is designed to push students into owning the material and, as students are ready and willing, to take over the classes, themselves.

Divided into two classes: seventh-ninth grade and tenth-twelfth grade, our students will be led by teams of mentors who rotate through curriculum that covers the following topics:

youth-wv1. Faith through the Ages: A series of adults, teens, and children from the congregation are invited to share their faith stories thus far and take questions from the groups.

2. Media Madness: Can take a few forms…

– YouTube videos, music, and pop culture are ingested & digested (ex: Coldplay’s “Viva la Vida”)

– A faith-related video or song is shared & discussed (ex: Kid President’s Pep Talks)

– A book/story/excerpt is read together and discussed (ex: Rob Bell’s Love Wins; Donald Miller’s Blue Like Jazz; CS Lewis’ Voyage of the Dawn Treader; Philip Yancey’s What’s So Amazing About Grace?, etc.)

3. Service Sundays: At least initially, something we can complete together at the Church on the Hill during the Sunday School hour.  Planting flowers in pots for the Mather, making toys for shelter dogs, writing letters to soldiers, etc.  After the first service project, this will be led by two student volunteers and adults will simply participate and supervise.  When appropriate, we will open the service projects to younger Sunday School classes and the teens will shepherd the younger ones.



4. G-Mail: Questions about God, asked by the teens, answered or at least discussed by the group.  Students will have the opportunity to ask their faith-related questions by putting them in a communal box.

5. Bible study: Discussion of a passage or theme from Scripture & learning a spiritual practice (lectio divina, centering prayer, labyrinth, etc.)

6. Episcopology: Teachings and practices of the Episcopal Church

7. Family Time: Purely social hang out using Family Time as a structure to get it started.

– Everyone says best & worst of the week

– Everyone compliments one other person in the room

– Talk through any issues people bring to the table

– Discuss an idea or message

– Pray for each other

– Just. Hang. Out.