Register for the Oct. 2014-May 2015 season of home groups.

This year we begin a pilot program of high school home groups.  As the youth ministry team  has researched youth ministry and interviewed successful youth ministries around the country, we heard repeatedly that weekly Sunday or Wednesday night programming doesn’t work, but it  is a truth universally acknowledged that teenagers will make time for their friends.


Home groups are co-ed families of eight students and two mentors.  Our mentors this year are Shay Craig, Frances Deblasio, Eric Hillerbrand, and Kevin Walsh. One Sunday a month, from October through May, two family groups and their mentors will meet in a host’s home to prepare a light lunch together. Following lunch, the groups will separate with their mentors to discuss a topic of the day and catch up on the past month.  Discussions will be faith-related, but they will span  current events, pop culture, and philosophy, as well as scripture.  Following the group reflections, the groups may re-gather as time allows to present an application to the discussion of the day or have social time–playing football, cards, or just chatting.

Program dates are Oct. 19, Nov. 16, Dec. 14, Jan. 11, Feb. 8, Mar. 8, Apr. 12, and May 10.  Each month we will be hosted by a different parishioner, so locations will be announced as we proceed.

Curriculum will be posted here by October 1st so that, if you wish, you and your teen can continue the discussion at home.