Welcome to our youth page!

Christ Church provides a loving, accepting community that journeys together with our youth to explore faith and inspire joyful service to God and others. We do this through our church’s four cornerstones: worship, seek, serve, give.

Upcoming Youth Events:

  • Trevian Treasures – Youth Rummage Department – Service Days: Saturday, June 1, 10:00AM-12:00PM (sort & prep); Friday, June 7 after school (set-up); Saturday, June 8, 7:45AM-12:00PM (Sale Day). Please use the Sign-Up Genius to join a shift.
  • Mission Trip: June 16-22 – Registration

Calendars & List of Events:


❖ Faithfulness: We come together to discover and build our faith

❖ Programs: Acolytes, Choir


❖ Thoughtfulness: We are questioners and thinkers.

❖ Growth: We challenge ourselves and each other to become more like Christ every day.

❖ Fellowship: We build lasting relationships in community.

❖ Programs: Sunday Morning; Coffee, Christ, & Donuts;  Confirmation


❖ Service: We live out our faith by serving others as a community with God and for God.

❖ Accessibility: We serve each other by welcoming anyone at any stage at any time.

❖ Program: A Just Harvest, Mission Trip


❖ Acceptance: We give acceptance to others exactly where they are and receive it from God, our peers, the Church

❖ Authenticity: We bring to the community our authentic selves, knowing that this is all that’s required of us.

❖ Love: We show love and respect for all persons because when we love others, we love God.

❖ Joy: We participate in the life of our faith community enthusiastically and joyfully.


Megan Miller + Director of Youth Ministries + (917) 930-7620 + (847) 447-2850 office

Keeping Gods Keeping God’s People Safe

The Christ Church community is committed to maintaining a safe and supportive atmosphere for our children and youth. To foster a secure environment, we provide Keeping God’s People Safe training to all who work with our children and youth, including church school teachers, mentors, clergy, and staff. This training sensitizes us to the dangers of child sexual abuse and teaches us to recognize and prevent situations in which abuse or exploitation might occur. Please contact the parish office if you have any questions regarding this training.