7th-8th Grades

We invite all 7th and 8th graders to join our Confirmation Program! Like all of our children and youth programs the goal of this two year program is for the youth to feel connected to God, the church and each other, and the world. We explore our faith with the Bible, Book of Common Prayer, clergy, mentors, and life experiences. Service to the church and our wider community are a big part of Confirmation, as well as having fun together! Through it all we hope to form life-long friendships. All 7th and 8th graders are part of a small group with two adult volunteer mentors throughout the two years of the program. Click here for more information on the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Confirmation Kick-Off: Friday, September 11 at 6pm on Zoom

At our Confirmation Kick-Off meeting, we will talk about what Confirmation is all about, go over plans for the year, and meet in our small groups.

The three parts of Confirmation:

  • Learning about ourselves and our faith.
  • Having fun and building community and friendships.
  • Being of service to our church community and our wider community.

The Confirmation learning and fun gatherings are centered around a monthly theme. Themes include: unity, love, being inspired by others, Christmas, ways to make the world a better place, making mistakes, revelation and insightful truths, making decisions, and spiritual practices.


Each month we will have a Grade Specific Gathering with a clergy talk and small group break-out activities led by mentors. These meetings will be on Zoom until it is safe for everyone to gather in person.

  • 7th Grade: Monday, September 21 at 6pm; Sunday, October 25 at 4pm; Monday, November 9 at 6pm; Thursday, December 3 at 6pm; Monday, January 11 at 6pm; Thursday, February 4 at 6pm; Thursday, March 4 at 6pm; Thursday, April 8 at 6pm; Thursday, May 6 at 6pm
  • 8th Grade: Thursday, September 24 at 6pm; Thursday, October 22 at 6pm; Monday, November 23 at 6pm; Monday, December 14 at 6pm; Thursday, January 14 at 6pm; Monday, February 22 at 6pm; Monday, March 8 at 6pm; Monday, April 26 at 6pm


When it is safe, small groups will have the option to gather socially distanced in-person.


  • Grace House – each small group will provide school supplies for the women’s children and grandchildren.
  • Read for our online worship service – each group will pick a Sunday and each group member will record a reading.
  • Christmas Angels – adpot a family as a small group.
  • Family Promise – each small group will choose one evening to provide the meal and cards for the families.
  • A Just Harvest – each small group will sign-up to provide the ingredients for one meal.


Friends are always welcome!

To join the Confirmation Program, please complete the registration form: click here.

Megan Miller + Director of Youth Ministries + (917) 930-7620

Keeping God’s People Safe

The Christ Church community is committed to maintaining a safe and supportive atmosphere for our children and youth. To foster a secure environment, we provide Keeping God’s People Safe training to all who work with our children and youth, including church school teachers, mentors, clergy, and staff. This training sensitizes us to the dangers of child sexual abuse and teaches us to recognize and prevent situations in which abuse or exploitation might occur. Please contact the parish office if you have any questions regarding this training.