An Important Part of Sunday Worship


Acolytes are lay worship leaders. They carry crosses, candles, and other items in procession. Becoming an acolyte is a great way for young people to participate in the service, see worship from a new perspective, and feel ownership and belonging in the community. Anyone that is in 5th grade and up can acolyte!

The acolyte roles are:

  • Crucifer (one person): The most experienced acolyte. Leads the procession holding the cross.
  • Book/plate (one person): Carries the Gospel during the procession. Gives and receives the offertory plates.
  • Torches (two people): Light with fire before service, carry during service, extinguish after service.

At Christ Church, acolytes receive recognition for their service. Acolytes have a cross and ribbon hanging for them by name in our Acolyte Room. The color and cross changes as their level increases. One point is awarded every time an acolyte serves. Triple points are awarded for being an acolyte on holidays or as someone’s substitute. Acolytes increase a level every time they:

  • serve for a year
  • attend an acolyte training party
  • achieve eight (8) points

View the acolytes’ attendance and levels.

Sign your children up to acolyte whether they have done it before or not! We can train them anytime – even before the service on Sunday morning! Check out: Acolyte Words to Know/CCW A Customary for Acolytes

To sign up: use the form below or email Megan Miller, Director of Youth Ministries.

Below is a list of dates/services. Bolded dates are triple points. 

  • Sunday, February 10 – “Teddy Bear Sunday”
  • Sunday, February 17
  • Sunday, February 24
  • Sunday, March 3
  • Sunday, March 10
  • Sunday, March 17 – Saint Patrick’s Day coffee hour
  • Sunday, March 24
  • Sunday, March 31
  • Sunday, April 7 – Youth cook for A Just Harvest @ 10:45am
  • Sunday, April 14 – Palm Sunday (need extra crucifer!)
  • Thursday, April 18 at 7:30pm – Maundy Thursday
  • Saturday, April 20, 7:30pm – Easter Vigil
  • April 21, 9am – Easter!
  • April 21, 11am – Easter!
  • April 28
  • May 5
  • May 12 – Youth Sunday, coffee hour, & Art Show
  • May 19 – Teacher Recognition
  • May 26
  • June 2 – Acolyte Recognition
  • June 9 – Pentecost & Choir Recognition

Acolyte Sign Up

Thank you! Just complete this form:

Contact Megan Miller by email, or call the the church office at 847-446-2850.