We’re glad you’ve taken the time to visit our website. This site provides information to the parish community, but more importantly, it provides a tool for introducing Christ Church to those who are interested in learning more about our parish life and ministry.

Christ Church is one of the largest parishes in the Diocese of Chicago. We are an active community of people who seek to know God, care for one another, and serve others locally and around the world. All are invited and welcome here.

Directions, Parking

There are many entrances into the church building and while members are happy to help direct visitors, our Directions, Parking page may be helpful when visiting for the first time.

Worship Times

All of our regular Sunday worship services are Eucharistic, where Communion is offered. All are invited to receive the consecrated bread and wine, including small children. (Gluten free communion wafers are always available.) Service times.

Opportunities for Children on Sunday Mornings

During the first part of the 9:30AM service at the park we offer a program for children with songs, stories and activities. Please have your children join Melissa Durbin and Elizabeth Clemmitt on the brightly colored beach blankets.  We re-join everyone at the Peace.

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