#Hymnathon 2019 – Saturday, April 27

Join our Hymnathon in which the Christ Church Choir will sing through the first stanza of all 720 hymns in our hymnal. Support the youth choristers and adult singers as they raise funds for their 2019 England Tour & upcoming domestic tour. Sponsor a singer, honor friends and family by dedicating an extra stanza of your favorite hymn or sponsor a variation on a hymn (for example youth only, clergy only, anyone over 50). A fun event for all!

We need many hands to make this Hymnathon a success. Sign up to help with everything from set-up on 4/26 to purchasing snacks & motivational prizes for the singers to cooking breakfast and arranging lunch on the day of.

Please sign up for a task and help the Christ Church Choirs continue to share beautiful music through our touring programs!

Hymnathon Singing Schedule

8:30-9:35am                     Hymns 1-90

Morning, Noonday, Evening, Sunday, Advent, & Christmas

9:40-10:50am                  Hymns 91-180

Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Holy Week, and Easter

10:55am-12:05pm        Hymns 181-270

Easter, Ascension, Pentecost, Holy Days/Various Occasions

Lunch – 20 minutes

12:25-1:25pm                  Hymns 271-360

Holy Days and Various Occasions, Holy Baptism, Holy Eucharist, Confirmation, Marriage, Burial, Ordination, Consecration of a Church

1:30-2:40pm                     Hymns 361-450

The Holy Trinity, Praise to God, Jesus Christ Our Lord

2:45-3:55pm                     Hymns 451-540

Jesus Christ Our Lord, The Holy Spirit, The Church,
The Church’s Mission

4:00-5:10pm                     Hymns 541-630

The Church’s Mission, Christian Vocation and Pilgrimage, Christian Responsibility, The Kingdom of God, The Church Triumphant, Holy Scripture

5:15-6:30pm                     Hymns 631-720

Holy Scripture, The Christian Life, Rounds and Canons, National Songs

How You Can Help

  • Sponsor a Chorister on a per hymn or a lump sum basis.
  • Sponsor a second verse of your favorite hymn: Our plan is to sing the first verse of all 720 hymns. However, for a $40 donation we will sing a second verse.
  • Sponsor a variation on a hymn: If you would like to have a specific group sing an additional verse of a hymn (e.g. youth only, women only, Men only, over fifty years only, members of one family only, clergy only, etc.), donate $40 and the sky’s the limit. To keep us on our schedule we have a cap of four extra verses per group of ninety hymns. Please have fun and use your imagination.
  • Sponsor a solo: Donate $40 per hymn.
  • Sponsor a hymn with added percussion (NEW): Donate $40 per hymn.


To make a Hymnathon donation by mail print this form out: Sponsor form

Please make checks out to Christ Church with “Hymnathon” in the memo line.

Click here to pay on-line under “select a fund” choose one for the “Music Travel Fund”(include chorister name).  Then choose the amount, and enter your email address. You will then be able to enter your credit card information.  Thank you very much for you generosity and graciousness.

*We now have Venmo you can transfer funds by many methods, but if choosing a bank account or a debit card, neither the sender or the receiver pays a service charge. Type the username @CCWGiving, enter the amount you wish to transfer, type what the funds are for (Hymnathon & Chorister Name), and hit “Pay.”

Chorister Sponsor Form