We recently completed our second week of hosting families in the Family Promise program. This wonderful program provides safe and welcoming housing for families that are temporarily displaced, allowing them to maintain their family units, continue in their schools, keep or search for employment and get back on their feet in a structured environment. Last October we hosted four families and another three in March.  Scores of parishioners – young and not so young – took on the roles of dinner hosts, activity hosts, overnight hosts and a number of other key support roles to make these weeks enormously successful. Led by Elizabeth Parkinson, Robin Anstaett, Julie Flood, Suzie Peregrine, Nina Gray, Molly Hufton and Bob Spencer, our volunteers made great use of both our physical facilities and our warmth and generosity.

At a housewarming party, hosted by the Family Promise Chicago North Shore organization, a couple of our committee members were delighted to join in the festivities for three Family Promise families who have now moved into their own apartments, including two of our guest families. Courtney and her family moved into a place in Des Plaines and Sabrina and Charles have moved into a place Wheeling. It was wonderful to see the assortments of housewarming gifts presented to each of the families, but the remarks shared by each of the families – full of hope, faith, gratitude and trepidation – were the real highlights of the evening. This program is meeting challenging needs with limited but faithful resources and succeeding, one family at a time. What a joy to be a part of it!