Thursdays in Advent - Starting Nov. 30


Christ Church Advent Series

Thursday, November 30; Thursday, December 7; Thursday, December 14 

Sunday Worship in the Episcopal Church:

How We Got Here

6:15 Compline in Church

6:30 Supper

7:00PM Program

7:45 Dismissal

8:00PM Senior Choir Rehearsal

November 30: Richard Clemmitt Organist Organ Music Musician Episcopal Episcopalian Christ Church Winnetka CCW

Richard Clemmitt

Why We Sing What We Sing When We Sing

Richard will take us through the beginnings of liturgical music from before the time of Jesus through the modern day.  Learn what we have adapted from the Temple in Jerusalem to the place of Gregorian Chant to ancient and modern Hymnody.  It’s no accident that we sing the hymns we do!!




December 7:

Nadia Stefko

Why We Pray the Way We Pray When We Pray:

Liturgy of the Word

Go to a Shabbat service at a synagogue on Friday night, you might be surprised to discover how familiar it feels.  We have adapted Jewish rituals back to the time of Solomon’s Temple.  We have also adapted pieces of our service from the Greek Mystery Religions from Jesus’s day.  This portion of our program will cover from the Opening sentences to the Peace.



December 14:

Christopher Powell

Why We Pray the Way We Pray When We Pray:

Liturgy of the Table

This forms the second part of our Episcopal Service each Sunday.  The earliest written copies come from the second century.  Discover the principles present in each prayer that tie together everything from Basil of Caesarea in 387 AD to Elizabethan versions present in the first prayer book of 1549 to other contemporary Eucharistic Prayers.

The Nursery will be open all evening.

Our parishioner and chef extraordinaire, Mary Jo McMillin will be catering the soups and baking breads. Darlene McKinney will be cooking up her vegetarian pasta dish.
Entrees will be accompanied by salad, fruit, dessert and beverages which will be generously donated and prepared by our Hospitality Committee members.
Kid-friendly mac and cheese will be available each night. We always welcome another helping hand so please feel free to volunteer. Contact Darlene McKinney at 847-922-8053 .

Nov. 30–Pea and Ham Soup

Dec 7—-Minestrone Soup

Dec. 14–Potato Soup