Thursday Night Supper Lenten Series 2018



Thursday Evenings in Lent 2018
for Adults, Youth, and Children

Join us for Worship, Supper, and Program:

Genesis Matters

Taught by The Rev. Christopher Powell

Five Moments in Genesis that Anticipate Jesus Christ and
Why Every Christian Should Know Them
Please join us at Church On the Hill (784 Sheridan Road, Winnetka) for our Lenten Thursday evening series. We begin with Compline at 6PM, followed by supper at 6:15PM in the McClain room and the program portion of the evening from 7:00-7:45PM in the Lea Room. The programs are geared to appeal to adults and youth from middle school-age and up.
For younger children, there will be a homework and arts & crafts table. The nursery will be open all evening.

Thursday, February 22: – Taught this week only by The Rev. Shay Craig

“The History Before History”

The first eleven chapters of Genesis include Creation, The Flood, and the Tower of Babel and are considered ‘pre-history” because we have no way of knowing when these events took place in time. All three stories involve specific themes that are realized in the flesh in the person of Jesus of Nazareth. Come see how these early stories play out in the life and ministry of Jesus.

Thursday, March 1:


Abraham is the father of three major religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. If ever there were a religious hero, Abraham would qualify. But is he a hero in the Marvel Comic book sense? Come see how Abraham and Sarah are called by God and how their behavior is both faithful and also at odds with even the most generous idea of what constitutes heroic behavior.

Thursday, March 8:


Jacob is, by mere seconds, the younger brother of his twin, Esau. Even as he left the womb, he was trying to supplant his older brother because in Hebrew society in that day, the oldest brother got every earthly preferment. See how God uses the wiley, weaselly way of Jacob to prepare us for what Our Savior will have to endure.

Thursday, March 15:

“Joseph Part 1”

Joseph is the favorite son of Jacob, who has eleven other sons. This presents problems for both Jacob and Joseph. The brothers of Joseph are resentful of his favored status and they seek to punish both father and son. Their plot lands Joseph in a pit to die, then in captivity, then in a critical role in Egyptian government, then in hot water again after dealing with Pharaoh’s wife. Come and see how Joseph sinks before he rises, as Jesus sinks into his tomb before rising on Easter Day.

Thursday, March 22:

“Joseph Part II “

Joseph ends up feeding his family during an extended famine and is reunited with father and brothers in the process. When Jacob dies, his brothers are sure that Joseph, the #2 man in all of Egypt, will dispense justice swiftly and finally. Come see how Joseph is the one who finally embodies the deep work of a Savior as he tends to the wounds he endures by his brother’s hands.