Ash Wednesday-7:00AM, 5:30PM, 7:30PM (full choir)


February 26 – All Holy Eucharist Services
7:00AM, 5:30PM (see below*), 7:30PM (full choir)

Guide to Ash Wednesday Services–next Wed. Feb. 26

Are you wondering which service to attend? Here are descriptions of our three services, all held at the church, 784 Sheridan Road, and all offering ashes and Holy Eucharist.


Perfect for those heading to work, school, or an otherwise busy day. This service is held in the choir stalls. An early start to a holy Lent!


Just 30 minutes in length, this service is specially geared to children, but many others enjoy it too. Children are given upfront seating. Elizabeth Clemmitt will lead us in song accompanied by guitar.


With candlelight and the full choir. If you love choral music and prefer a service at the conclusion of the day, this is the service for you.