2040 Committee Meeting - Tuesday, January 7th at 7PM


The 2040 Committee’s discernment process started and ended with asking how God is calling CCW to be a community of faith in the Episcopal tradition.
The Committee concluded that God is calling on CCW’s abundance rather than its scarcity, to bear witness to God’s presence in our lives and to take action to ensure our vitality and long-term sustainability. To support this call to action the committee created CCW Guiding Principles for a vital way forward for our parish.
CCW Guiding Principles
Support our Members – An Inward Focus on the People Who Sustain our Core
Serve as Ministers  – An Outward Witness to the presence of a Living God
Grow our Church – An Essential Christian Mission is to Share the Love of Christ
With these new Guiding Principles as our core focus, how can CCW reimagine our Episcopal community and use our abundance of resources in new ways to enable a faithful and engaged community?

Save the Date: Please join us on Tuesday, January 7th at 7PM in the Chapel at 470 Maple for additional details.