Youth Minister

Christ Church, Winnetka, Illinois is seeking a new Youth Minister to take our thriving youth program to the next level.  We are looking for an enthusiastic, committed, and inspiring person to work in partnership with our youth, the adults and the clergy of our church.  As members of Christ Church, we informally minister to our youth every day, but we all want a great partner to formally lead our youth program and help guide our children into fulfilling spiritual lives.

This is a full-time, paid position.  The salary is competitive, and the job includes health benefits and much more.  The job is also open to members of other denominations who can embrace the Episcopal ethos and our diverse ideas about God and our relationships.  (Many members of our congregation have come from Catholic, Lutheran or Methodist backgrounds for their own reasons, and we all respect what those traditions have to offer while also preferring some of the subtleties of the Episcopalian tradition.)

We have two church facilities; both are a reasonable walking distance from the Winnetka train stop on Chicago’s Metra system – which offers convenient service to much of the north side of Chicago.  Still, the youth minister will need reliable transportation for this position so as to avoid being at the mercy of the daily train schedule.

Application submission: Please submit your application materials electronically either on (this platform) or by e-mail to (  If you have questions about the position, please e-mail them to ( rather than calling – the search committee will absolutely answer your questions, but it consists of volunteers that aren’t reachable by phone during the day during predictable hours.

Application questions:  In addition to your resume and cover letter, please respond to the following questions so that we can get to know your better. Please submit your answers to these questions in a .pdf document along with your resume and cover letter as part of your application.  Please send your information to

  • What is your name?
  • The majority of our congregation has come to the Episcopalian tradition as part of their journey towards spiritual fulfillment. If you are not now a practicing Episcopalian, how do you see your own tradition interfacing with the Episcopalian? If you are already Episcopalian, how would you like to see your faith grow?
  • Tell us about the last/current youth ministry that you are involved with. Did you reach the Youth on a personal level?
  • From what little we’ve been able to tell you in this ad, why do you think that your background and ministerial style provides a fit with our congregation and our youth?
  • What salary would you expect to take a position like this?
  • What attracts you to youth ministry?
  • Have you ever encountered a youth who needed your support but was hard to reach? How did you reach this person?  How did you develop a meaningful connection?
  • What is your 10-year goal and how does youth ministry support that?
  • Who is your favorite cartoon character and why?
  • How do you feel about moving to the Chicago area? Is there anything special that draws you here?