Sunday Morning Worship in the Sanctuary

We are (cautiously) thrilled to welcome you back to Christ Church for a modest return to in-person worship at 8AM on Sundays at the Church on the Hill.

Please know that we are taking every precaution for your safety, as you will see in the protocols below. The building has been thoroughly cleaned, seating is distanced, and face masks are required at all times inside the church. Hand sanitizer is available inside the building.  Our maximum for this service is 50 people, and we ask that you register on Realm prior to arriving for service. Additional services will be considered based on registration for the 8AM service.
For the safety of everyone, we ask that you observe these protocols:
  • You must make a reservation on Realm to attend. You may register HERE. We need a record of your attendance in case the need for contact tracing arises.
  • Our service will not include singing at this time. It will be no more than 35 minutes in duration.
  • As we begin to gather again, we ask that you bring bread and wine from home and consume it in your pew after the prayer of consecration. If all goes well over the next few weeks, we may return to communion standing up in the nave of the church. We will not be kneeling at the altar rail next to each other anytime soon.
  • Do not attend if you: have any symptoms, have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 in the last two weeks, or have traveled to a destination from which the state of Illinois requires you to quarantine. Click Here for the current Cook County quarantine list.
  • Click Here for the health questionnaire link from the CDC and do not attend if you answer ‘yes’ to any of the 14 questions.
  • You are asked to enter the church at the Sheridan Road or Humboldt Drive entrances. If you need the access entrance, please enter through the Prevost Cloister. When you enter, check in at the Welcome Table in the narthex (back of the church). The Church House will be closed throughout our services except for emergency bathroom visits downstairs.
  • Always wear your face mask except when partaking of the bread at communion.
  • Maintain six feet from others except members of your family.
  • Use hand sanitizer when you enter the church.
  • Please sit only in the designated seats. We have measured them to ensure that people who are not from the same household will maintain a safe distance.
  • At the exchange of the Peace, wave, bow, or offer some other contactless gesture while maintaining a safe distance.
  • The collection plate will not be passed in the pews or brought to the altar. Place contributions in the Alms Basin found at the back of the church in the narthex.
  • Follow any special directions the usher offers to help us maintain safety.
  • At the conclusion of the service, please use all the exits available to avoid breaking social distance.
If you prefer to stay in your car on Humboldt for the service, our FM broadcast of the service will be available on 89.1, just as it is on the Village Green Sunday mornings at 9:30.


Communion in Cars with Clergy

Each Sunday at 9:30 am. 
We gather around the Village Green in Winnetka. Drive over and find a parking spot around the Green.  You can stay in your car throughout each service, or you can bring a chair and an FM radio and sit, socially distanced, on the Green. Please observe all appropriate behavior for the safety of all attending.
Tune into FM  89.10 to listen to the service on your car’s radio!
Bring your own bread to participate in the Eucharist!
For additional information about this service, please contact Christopher or Matt.
Also see the Thursday News for that week’s  “Communion in Cars” bulletin.

Join us for Virtual Worship Each Sunday

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In this time of isolation, and uncertainty, when normal routines are on hold, we are re-imagining what it means to be Winnetka’s “Church on the Hill” in the digital world. Through God, we are discovering and reinterpreting the connections and practices that have sustained our community through past uncertainty.