Main Features:

Lets you search for People in the database and see their details. This is all based on the permissions set in Access ACS for that member and their login.   Search for anyone and pull up their information.

Detailed instructions about how to set up a member User ID and Password are available here.

Then you are ready to go?

Here are 3 simple steps after setting up your User ID.

1) Download Church Life

Download for iPhone

Download for Android

Blackberry and other mobile devices can enter from any mobile browser.


2) Log in

Use the same username and password you use for Access ACS. Site number is: 001006.


3) Check out these Mobile Minute videos for a quick tutorial.

Some features may not be available in your Church Life app based on your church’s software preferences.

 If you have any questions, please email Charlotte McGee or call at 847-446-2850.

Giving Instructions

Mobile giving just got easier with Church Life!

  • Select the $Give option on the menu.
  • Enter the amount and choose which fund you would like to contribute to.
  • Enter (or confirm) the account information for payment.
  • Click “Give”.
  • A confirmation screen will pop up and a receipt email will be sent to you.