Christ Church has always had the spirit and focus to meet any challenges or service opportunity. We do it best by planning and thinking ahead. Our continued vitality is no different.  The 2040 Vision Committee was created to discuss the critical question of; “What do we have to do to encourage vitality at Christ Church in 2040?”

The 2040 vitality conversation is bigger than just the committee members and will draw upon the talent of our entire congregation. The committee is focusing on four areas; Our Legacy, Our Community, Our Congregation and Our Spirituality & Faith.

In 2019, the committee will include guiding principles for the next 10 years and specific recommendations for the next 5 years – including goals and actions at a church-wide level.

We can certainly use your help! We need more members of the parish to become involved in the conversation. If you wish to participate or have questions about why we need to have this effort please feel free to reach out the 2040 Committee Co-Chairs Molly Hufton ( or Peter Macey (